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How income can affect your Social Security and Medicare benefits

December 19, 2013

Workers receiving Social Security benefits, and high income recipients who pay Medicare and prescription drug premiums, may be adversely affected by adjustments to their benefits….

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Calculating Cost Basis for Bonds

December 5, 2013

Anyone who has ever been baffled by calculating the net proceeds from the sale of a bond will find some relief starting in 2014. Beginning…

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Estate Planning – Ten Steps You Need to Take Now

November 19, 2013

It seems no one likes to talk about estate planning. Motivating ourselves to take positive steps toward preparing for our eventual death is not an…

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Rising Interest Rates and Your Portfolio

November 10, 2013

Interest rates have been historically low. But recently they have begun to rise again. Rising interest rates will have an impact on many investments, particularly…

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A CPA/PFS: Helping You Realize Your Financial Goals

November 9, 2013

All financial planners are not created equal. A CPA/PFS is more than a financial planner – he or she is a CPA with the powerful…

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